Mayfair has been approved and is a member of the Association of British Riding Schools  (ABRS)


We have two paddocks avalaible and two members of teaching staff each hour over both weekend days and weekdays.  We can also offer Lead-outs across the weekend at most times – staff dependent.

Our lesson Structure has 5 stages to it to simplify and support our riders in their journey.


Beginner – New to riding (Average number of clients =4)

These lessons will cover how to lead your horse/pony, make your horse/pony walk on, stand, turn left and right.  You will also learn to mount correctly/ tighten the girth independently, hold the reins, shorten and lengthen the reins and stirrups and how to steer around the blocks in the paddock. Once you have mastered steering independently of a staff member and asking your horse or pony to trot on you will move to the next group.

Walk Trot  (Average number of clients =4)

In this group the focus will be learning to rise to the trot and sit with a secure seat to the trot. Steer whilst trotting (in and out of blocks) without holding onto the saddle and rising to the trot with both hands on your head on the lunge rein. When you have mastered this you can move to the next group.

Walk Trot + (Average number of clients =6)

Here you will learn more refined aids for steering and develop your core strength through trotting work without stirrups and in circles.  You may begin to learn the aids for canter. You will use trotting poles to develop your rising techniques and learn to stand up in your stirrups in trot and hold your weight still.

Walk Trot Canter (Average number of clients =6)

In these lessons you will perfect your canter seat and aids as well as develop further refined steering and skills in balance and control. You will be working towards cantering on a circle and cantering without your stirrups.  You will also be working towards cantering on the lunge with your hands on your head.

Walk Trot Canter + (Average number of clients =6)

This group will combine all of the above skills and will be looking at complex flat work techniques and jumping techniques.

A senior member of staff MUST be the one to agree to move you up a group through assessment of the above skills.  You will need to have demonstrated the above skills on at least two different ponies/horses before this happens.

At weekends we operate through a set structure that provides consistancy for our customers and, most importantly, this allows us to enure our ponies and horses don’t do too many hours each!! Across the day – when each lesson is full – our horses and ponies will be working for 3 hours on average a day.  This is why we will always be reluctant to add extra lessons to the structure 🙂

We often take our groups on ride outs if they are Walk/Trot + upwards – this is great for them to apply the skills they have learnt!

Mayfair Farm weekend Lesson Structure

January 2017

Top Paddock Dressage Paddock OTHER
9.00 1hr Beg Lesson/LO WTC+ Lesson/Ride
10.00 1hr WT Lesson 1hr WT+ Lesson/Ride
11.00 1hr WT+ Lesson/Ride 2hr Ride/Pub ride
12.00 1hr WTC Lesson/Ride
2.00 1hr Beg Lesson/LO WTC+ Lesson/Ride
3.00 1hr WT Lesson 1hr WTC Lesson/Ride
4.00 SATURDAY ONLY – Birthday parties for up to 12 children
5.00 Yard Duties